Health retreat

There is a wealth of health benefits in Breathing Exercises. Watch this space as I aim to develop more offerings in this area. 10minute Breath Exercises are easily incorporated to my daily Tour Guide role emphasising the importance of taking time to catch your breath in this breathtaking location.

I incorporate simple and effective techniques that relieve stress, anxiety, grief and sleep problems.

By applying optimal breathing into your daily routine you can enjoy the health benefits it offers freely.
In these workshops you can learn to harness your breath to alleviate systoms of Post Natal Depression. Having lost my sister to this I have welcomed breath work into my life to alivate my grief. It is an important part of self care. I am motivated to help the mammies and value the opportunity to share these life changing exercises.

I connect to overseas clients through online breath workshops. It is my life mission to help all ages overcome their anxieties through the power of optimal breathing. There are options ranging from 10minute-1hour practise online.

Workshops are offered in person at your venue or in Dingle town. I cater to Youth Groups, Transition Year students, Nursing Homes and Mothers with New Born -2year old babies. All ages can benefit from this practise.

Exercises include;

  • The Relaxation Breath
  • The Yes Breath
  • The Circular Breath
  • The BIP BOP Breath
  • The Sunshine Breath

There is much more to share so it’s worth getting started with different benefits from each exercise. Some breath techniques focus on help us control mood swings, release anger, free frustrations, let out sadness or celebrate happiness.

Research shows that just 10minutes breath practices can make a difference so this is why I try to incorporate it into my drive tours in the most dramatic landscapes.