Virtual Tours

Experience Dingle from Afar

Discover what awaits you on Dingle Bay. Be transported to a unique part of the southwest of Ireland and walk with me via live video. This allows you to touch base with the landmarks and landscape with a little local flavour from me.

As we reach Hussy’s Follie on the eastern entrance to Dingle Bay, you will feel you are truly here with the scenery shared and the commentary flowing, naturally connecting you to this special place I call home. Engage with nature’s sounds and savour the view from the lighthouse. Learn about local food producers as I introduce you to some mouth watering picnic options. Be inspired by a local recipe to try at home and feel the welcome from a local who has lived by the bay for 6 years. Treat yourself to a taste of Dingle Bay!

If the weather is too wild I have a contingency plan to take you on a tour of the historical town of Dingle with all its hidden gems and scenery of the bay. You won’t regret the insights you discover on this tour, a visit to Dingle is always a treat. Dingle all the way.


  • Orientation on Dingle town

  • Harbour Views

  • Devoted to Dingle Bay

  • Discover Dingle town

Who is this suitable for?

While the virtual tours allowed people to visit us and escape from their lives during COVID, they worked so well that I am still doing them today for so many different groups. Here is just a sample of how these virtual tours can work for your special requests.

  • Corporate events – hosting an event in another part of Ireland, bring your overseas delegates to Dingle.
  • Conferences – Spice up your meeting with a virtual visit – check out the Dingle festival calendar for inspiration.
  • Students-Sustainable Travel -Learn about local initiatives and Sustainable approaches in a world class destination.
  • Virtual Dates – Missing your soulmate? Invite them on a date to Dingle and be entertained together virtually.
  • Nursing Homes – I focus on Reminiscence therapy with a local recipe to serve at your screening.
  • Virtual Travel for Family Members back home – Invite your closest friends or family to join you on a guided tour of Dingle town with live video call link sent to the comfort of their own home. Bring them on your Irish vacation.

How does this work?

You can hold your virtual in your own home or venue via a live streamed video using software such as Zoom, Webex, or High 5. Once you book I send you the link to send to your 5 group members. This allows us to experience a live tour together wherever you are living in the world. You can share the tour link with over 90 devices worldwide and make a virtual visit to the most charming town in Ireland.

Prices from €150 avail on request.


Really enjoyed my tour to Dingle Bay again! Third time doing this live virtual tour and still impressed with Deirdre.Really good and soothing to the senses, this tour. The chit chats with a few local people really made the tour feel very nice!

Kevin Phun

5 Stars!

We really enjoyed this tour with Deirdre. She is very knowledgeable and very passionate about Dingle and Ireland in general. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was fantastic. I invited my four brothers to join us and we all logged in from different locales. They really enjoyed it, as did I. This is a great way to see some of the sights and talk to a local person before you go. I was curious about Dingle but it wasn’t on my list of places to visit. It is now. Thanks Deirdre!

Stephen King

5 Stars!