Don’t be a donkey do your part every little counts

Guided tours promise an enriching experience. With this in mind I have tailored experiences to connect to the local area and its people. The local connection is strong and powerful as we share the common interest to grow and learn from one another through community based initiatives. I avail of the opportunity to reach over 100 visitors a week by sharing local efforts on half day tours.

Virtual tours allow me to reach an overseas audience with live commentary and questioning as part of the service. We gain great insights to the sustainable plans happening here with the 2030 vision for the Dingle Peninsula well under way. We gain valuable feedback from visitors regarding their own sustainable approaches and initiatives all in the comfort of your own home. With no air miles necessary you can visit Dingle every season.

I also acknowledge my own carbon footprint by reducing the drive time tours from 12 days to half day drive tours. This allows me to collaborate with other tour companies and support my local operators. It is more rewarding all round. By specialising in one area of Ireland I can be part of the people and the place I chose to live in. I impart valuable knowledge on the sustainable development plans for the future generations. I try to instil good values by implementing environmental awareness activities. Leave No Trace Principles aim to demonstrate a healthy respect for one another, all creatures great and small and protect Irish nature, wildlife.

I have chosen a gentler pace of life by working in my local area and volunteering time to community efforts such as BIA Dingle or gardening for the elderly. The Meet the Maker Tour invites the Food producers to connect to the customers directly, to highlight the effort that goes into food production.

These immersive tours help to reduce the impact on this ancient, beautiful land we live on and in. The aim is to promote responsible travel by managing group size and access to the sites. I hope to add to the cultural sustainability of Kerry as a cultural destination by bringing a warm welcome to both tourists and providers. Together we can promote and enjoy a greener, cleaner environment both inwardly and outwardly, in our own lives and behaviour and in County Kerry as a region. Keeping the sustainability conversation positive and moving forward all the time is key to progress and positive outcomes.